great garlic

Our garlic harvest this year was tremendous.  We credit the liberal application of horse manure.  We are to the point of being entirely self-sufficient for garlic!  I haven’t bought any garlic at all in well over a year.  It’s a little thing, but I’m terribly pleased about it.  The garlic we grew last year did not quite make it through to this year’s harvest, but we made it far enough along that by the time we ran out we were able to substitute garlic leaves and later on, garlic scapes.  I planted still more last autumn, trying to pinpoint the right amount to provide us with all we need for both liberal use in the kitchen and planting.  I felt confident I had assured us a surplus.  That is until we brought it all in and the children discovered that the most prevalent variety, with it’s huge cloves and rich, mellow flavor is incredibly delicious roasted.  So much so that they’ve taken to roasting 4 and 5 heads at a time for snacks!  I confess, I didn’t account for that!


One thought on “great garlic

  1. christina

    Oh my! That’s aly of garlic!:) We eat alot too. Love the picture of him laughing lol! Christina

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