Week in the Life, Friday

It seems like she says a new word every day.  She started saying Galen this week (“Gah-len”).  He covered his face with a sheet this morning and said, “peek…” and she pulled it off and said, “a-boo!”

I had a garlic-y roast slowly cooking in the crockpot all day, filling the house with it’s rich savory aroma.

Posters for 4H, one finished and one still in progress.

We’re growing a lot of our own starts this year.  The seedlings are coming along.  Many were transplanted into bigger containers today.

They are very fond of cat’s cradle and other string games.

More yarn for the blanket.


Week in the Life, Thursday

A busy morning, full of just everyday stuff, only more so.  It was 2:30 before it even occurred to me to pick up my camera.

The tables have turned.  I now borrow Iain’s sweaters.

A selection of Haiku’s, both traditional and free-form, written this week:

Fleet and flying hooves

the wind whipping manes and tails

the mustangs run free


hot scorching sun,

clouds of billowing dust

the whinny of the Arab


The jingle of bells,

the loud tumble of wheels

Percherons trot by

~Elijah Rain

Chimes ringing

in sun

on trees


dark clouds

snow falling fast

past my window


a chilly morning

white expanse of flying snow

the sleigh bells ringing

~Iain Alexander

New hand-me-downs from big sister (show here are Mairi’s garden frock and second birthday sweater, which shrunk a bit with so much wear) .

An unexpected night home for Steve and Iain.  Morphology after dinner.



After completing the Week in the Life project last week- I took all of the pictures and made some notes, just haven’t finished posting yet- I had no desire to pick up my camera all this week.  Half my children had a cold and the other half developed a stomach bug, now they are in the process of switching.  I’ve more than had my hands full.  A whole week without a single picture, so strange!  I’ve been keeping up with the 52 project this year and I don’t want to fall behind and lose momentum, so I snapped a few this morning.

It snowed on the first day of spring yet again this year and it’s snowing again today.  I had a theory that dressing my baby in something spring like would be a sort of mental balm.  I don’t think it really worked, but at least she looks cute.


Week in the Life, Wednesday

A drippy kind of day with water pouring from the eaves and the sap finally starting to run.  Every so often a huge sheet of ice and snow will come crashing down off the roof with a tremendous, window shaking, thud.  This is really our first warm, sunny day.

From Galen’s Weather Journal:

“3/11/15, 2:08 pm

It is 43 degrees.  There are 19″ of snow.  It is extremely bright and sunny.  The path is all slushy and the iceicles are driping.  The snow on the roof keeps falling onto the ground.  Some of the plants in the garden are starting to show above the snow.  A few of the trees have buds.”

(spelling mistakes maintained for authenticity’s sake)

I was all for taking the path of least resistance today.  Quiet school work inside, followed by periods where I sent them out to be boisterous and wild outside.

Switching out infant clothing for toddler clothing.  So many memories stirred up with these little frocks.

This is Mairi Rose trying to convince me that she can still wear these shoes.

I’m back to working on the blanket for Seraphina and greatly enjoying getting lost in it’s soft, squishy, milk colored scrumptiousness.

I’m reading Home Education by Charlotte Mason and finding sections of it very inspiring.  I wanted to post what everyone is reading right now, but I just don’t have that kind of time.

Dance night for them.

These two like to read together at night.  It’s pretty much the sweetest thing ever.

Elijah lost another tooth.  He doesn’t have many left.


Week in the Life, Tuesday

Another all-night nurse-a-thon.  That’s how this little one copes with teething pain.

I put her hair into pigtail braids before bed last night and she took it upon herself to finish styling it this morning.  This girl is awesome.

Lately her hazel eyes seem to be leaning more towards green then brown.

A bit of morning lesson time before Nature Program.  This week they were each assigned an animal to look into.  They were supposed to provide one fact that they thought others might not know.  Mairi walked around all morning repeating over and over again that red back salamanders have a red back stage and a lead back stage.

Checking the taps and transferring buckets of sap into the big barrels as needed will happen several times a day from now until the end of the season.

The tiny girl and I finally sat down to our breakfast after we got them out the door.  We blew kisses to each other in the quiet, in between bites of food (crustless pumpkin pie for me, pumpkin in chicken broth for her).

This was the first day in years and the last in the foreseeable future, that I had several hours basically to my self.  I’ve been thinking and planning and dreaming for about a month now.  I was going to order seeds!  Write a letter to my aunt!  Work on Seraphina’s birthday gifts!  Transplant seedlings!  Get my lesson plans for the rest of the year in order!  Actually answer some emails instead of just feeling guilty about them!  Maybe take a nap?  Watch a movie?  Long hot bath??

What I actually did:

fed the baby breakfast.  put her down for a nap. gathered all of the laundry from around the house.  washed two loads.  answered one email.  confirmed a dentists appointment.  prepared lunch.  fed the baby lunch.  fixed a snack to meet the kids with when they got back, by which point it was time to get us bundled up for a walk and to pick up the kids.

This does not seem like nearly 4 hours worth of activities, and yet…

Four left and five return. (I watch another child for a few hours on Tuesdays.)

All I see out there is snow, but they seem to have found some mud!dress rehearsal.

He was home for just long enough to dump the sap, change his clothes and have me thrust some food into his hands.  Steve was home for long enough to help dump the sap and kiss me goodbye again.

A bit more school work, house work, childcare, dinner.

The board meeting was moved to our house out of consideration for my lack of childcare.  I put Mairi to bed before anyone arrived and she slept not a wink.  There was one other tiny person in attendance.  The two little toddling folk argued over Seraphina’s carriage, shared chunks of fruit doled out by Galen and stood side by side pushing my yoga ball around the house.  If she cried, Seraphina cried.I have no idea what happened to the lids to all of my teapots and I was too busy to go searching for them.Her first three little steps three days ago and she’s already crossing full rooms!


Week in the Life, Monday

By breakfast time they had managed to bring the total number of taps up to 50, with another 15 added before lunch.

She believes me to be superfluous.  Clearly, she is completely capable of dressing herself.

Dancing our way through chore time…

She calls Elijah, “Lila” and Iain, “EEEE!” (usually while standing at the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs yelling for him to let her up).

This in one determined little person!  She spent a large portion of the day practicing walking, mostly on her own, but occasionally with some assistance.

The weather was just right, so I planned for a light morning of book work in order to get outside early to work on the igloo we are building as a part of Galen’s native peoples studies.

The trampoline is clear!  Most of the snow on it went towards igloo building.

She insisted on turning her single hard boiled egg into a deviled egg.

Back at it.

Reinforcements!  Thank goodness.  I was beat.  This project has been rather intense at times.

I left construction in their capable hands and took my girls for a little walk.

More trouble with the roof, causing dinner to be served much later then intended.  I think we have it under control now. (fingers crossed!)  Followed by a good deal of late night cooking in preparation for a very busy day tomorrow!


Week in the Life, Sunday

It’s still snowing.  The roof is leaking.  That blurry little tooth down on the left (#8!) has been keeping us up at night.

Work for the big boys in the early morning.  A party a bit later.  Galen woke up with a cough and Seraphina and I stayed home to care for him.  Because of our food allergies I make sure to bring an entire meal my family can eat, plus a birthday cake substitute.  We tried a variation on these chocolate donuts, with a few honey glazed, plain vanilla for Mairi who can’t have chocolate.  We baked them in a muffin tin and Iain insisted on using an apple corer to put holes in them, “just like real donuts”.  I’m seeing now that I forgot to have Steve sign the birthday card.  Oops.

Galen wants to put on a puppet show for Seraphina’s birthday.  Puppet production started today.  We tried taking pictures of snowflakes.  They didn’t really turn out very well.  The flakes were too clumpy at that point.  While baby had her nap, we treated ourselves to our chocolate donuts and tea while watching a gardening show.  In between laundry and dishes and all that good stuff we managed to sneak in a board game, just the two of us.

Their night to make dinner.

Yesterday she took 3 steps to get to Iain.  Today she took about 10, crossing the kitchen to get to me.  I kept inching back and she kept on coming with a huge grin on her face while everyone stood around laughing with amazement and sheer joy.  I know I’ve seen babies learn to walk before.  I don’t care.  It’s still exciting and I’m still amazed!

Elijah and I stayed up late planning gardens.



Mairi Rose and Galen performed an African dance to live drumming at a world cultures fair this week.  Meanwhile Seraphina has been doing some drumming of her own.

Mairi quote of the week, “Mommy, are there wind chills today?  Because my cheeks feel like there are wind chills!”

I’ve decided to give the Week in a Life series a go, if for no other reason then I really wanted to fit one in during Seraphine’s first year and I am rapidly running out of year!  We are down to a matter of days now.  It may well be less then I usually do.  I figure if nothing else, I can take the pictures, make some notes, and post as and when (if?) I’m able.