Knitter, Mother, lover… Home-schooler, home-birther, home-builder, home-maker… Surrounded by wool and trees… Babies laughing at my feet…dirt under my nails, moon glow on my brow…dancing fingers, dancing toes…such is a bit about me.


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13 thoughts on “About

  1. alanna

    I would love to know where u got the photo for the unusual christmas tree with all the fairies and gnomes. I would love to make it my type of tree.

    Thanks Alanna

  2. Donna

    Hi, can you please tell me where you purchased the lambs wool coverlet in the post”dream come true”? Thanks.

  3. Jonna Krimin


    i saw your beautiful fae christmas tree on facebook. I wanted to know if it could be ordered and how much is was going to be?

  4. Daniel Wyrzykowski


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    What do you think?


  5. Deborah Brucks

    would love to know where you got the gnomes and fairies for the tree you posted on pinterest? Love the tree it was so cool with the wee fairys on it

  6. Karen Stevenson

    I just made the bubble hat but had trouble with the decrease. The numbers did not work out according to the directions. Is there an update? Thank you.
    Karen Stevenson

  7. jean

    I love your fairy tree and wondered how you made it. I saw a number of number of people with similar requests.

  8. Melody Post author

    I didn’t make it. I only photographed it. It was part of a Christmas tree display.

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