Well, I went arse over teakettle as Elijah put it.  I have a theory about how I fell, but it’s only a theory as I don’t actually remember.  I do know that I was chasing a mosquito at the time, so there may have been karma involved.

I have no idea how I hurt my feet, since the first thing that I remember is seeing my feet pointing towards the ceiling.  It’s a mystery.  (flashback to 1998 when Molli and I walked around quoting Shakespeare in Love)  I was very, very pleased that I hadn’t hit my head.  Yet another head trauma is pretty much the last thing that I need (it goes something like nuclear holocaust, being a prisoner of war, another traumatic brain injury).  Rejoicing, rejoicing!  Everything hurts, but I didn’t hit my head!

And then I stopped being able to focus my eyes….or my mind.  Everything was just fragments of thoughts that made very little sense…the leaf that looked like a butterfly, the woman who held me when I was a baby.  I urgently asked Steve where Iain had been for New Year’s Eve.  He didn’t remember and asked if it was really that important.  It *was* that important because it would have closed a loop of thought that left open made me feel ill at ease with my own mind, but I couldn’t think clearly enough to explain that. In short, the whiplash got me.  It can do that.  I didn’t hit my head, but my head hit me…brain bouncing off of skull…

While it was acute for a couple of days, in the end, the concussion wasn’t the worst of my problems.  Me being me, all sorts of things went out of place when I hit the ground.  I went to a chiropractor to try to put things right.  I told him that he must be very, very gentle, that my body doesn’t work like other people’s.  He agreed, but we clearly had wildly different definitions of “gentle”.  People just don’t understand how genuinely breakable I am.  Things went downhill fast from there.

Nothing is broken, but there has been serious soft tissue damage.  I spent about a week flat out on a mind altering level of anti-inflammatories and pain killers.

Recent update from elsewhere:

“My head isn’t bad. I’m still having issues with my hips and pelvis. I overdid it today, so resting on the couch while playing with my new camera. I’m mostly back to normal life, except that sitting in a chair really hurts, I have no interest in food, and I feel like I may never sleep for any reasonable length of time again.”

It was meant to be a positive update, but people didn’t really seem to take it that way.


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