I was hoping to go for another walk today. We’ve been sick for just about a month straight with back to back viruses and are finally starting to convalesce. I need to get some strength back into this body of mine. Instead I ended up on the deck, in a light rain, scrubbing bins from the pantry floor. The sky turned grey just after I got everything out there.

This is the luna moth that I had to sidestep every time I brought something out:

Iain makes fun of me because he can clean the entire pantry in like, an hour and a half, while it takes me 1-2 weeks during which time the adjoining rooms are in a complete and perpetual, but evolving, state of disarray.

I had this funny sudden whim to listen to John Mayer’s Room for Squares, which I haven’t heard in over a decade.  I used to borrow the CD from the local library.  I remember dancing to it while I was in labor with Galen (17 now).  I don’t know any other John Mayer songs; not a one, and have zero interest in hearing any more.  And I feel vaguely like there might be some controversy around him that I know nothing about?  But the first 3/4 of that album are like a place in time for me. I always stop it before the end.  I’m not even sure what song I stop on, but one of them towards the end annoys me and then I’m done…possibly to start at the beginning again.



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