I posted this yesterday for Me Made May, even though it’s not exactly me made.  It’s a ready to wear dress that I bought on clearance last year and went it arrived the fit and how it laid was just entirely wrong.  Usually with this style of dress the bodice is fitted, but there is a gathered skirt that flares out directly from the bodice.  In this case, the skirt is tiered and the first tier was very form fitting until about mid-hip and then flared from there.  It looked incredibly strange!  I should have taken a before picture.  I removed the top tier, regathered the one below and attached it to the waist.  The dress went from being ankle length to a midi, but it’s now actually wearable and I love it.

  Today I am sitting here in clothing that I have validly made from scratch, but can’t be bothered to go photograph right now, looking at what other people are posting for Me Made May, because I’m contrary like that.


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