Our Solstice

If nothing else, I suppose it’s convenient to be out of commission at a time of year when I have such a backlog of photos and experiences to share.

Our woodland neighbors appreciated the edible ornaments we put out for them (the people type neighbors got chocolate covered apricots).  Our Solstice was absolutely enchanting.  The children and I walked, under the moonlight, through the flurries, singing merrily down the road to our neighbors house, where there was a good, warm, gathering of friendly souls.  Iain and Elijah helped to lay out an evergreen spiral.  And after we had all walked the spiral, little Màiri’s face terribly solemn by the glow of her candle, it was Galen who lead the whole group in and out of the spiral in a dance.  It was surely a memory to be treasured and a tradition we’ll be eager to keep in years to come.

Today I am grateful for the blue, blue sky, so clear after yesterday’s clouds and the evenings wild winds.  Somehow this sky had the look of sugar weather and the kind of sweet, comfortable associations that go with it.


One thought on “Our Solstice

  1. Pamela

    Your pictures are so special. I loved seeing what you did for God’s little creatures. (Although the apricots sound good, too!) You are one precious momma!

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