Uncle (and some more sewing)

For the last 2 and a half months, Steve has been walking around muttering about moving to Hawaii, while I’ve been throwing around adjectives like picturesque, quintessential, stunning, glistening, brisk, bracing, cozy, roaring…  I woke up this morning to heavily falling snow, and I’ll admit it, I sighed.  I’m ready to be done with shoveling white stuff and to start digging in the dark, damp earth.  I want flowers and sunshine and sweet smelling grass.  I’m done.  Mother Nature is not.  I guess we just have to agree to disagree.  I suspect we still have quite a bit of winter left.

working together

A couple of weekends back the big kids and I were working side by side on some sewing projects for a friend.

needle book

The mini-needle book above is their handy work.

skirt 2

The skirt is mine.  With a headband to go with it.


I love this little wool skirt and want one for myself.  I would surely be needing a bigger waistband though.


And, a summer dress.


This isn’t just a dress for summer, it’s a Summer Goddess dress.  Everything about it puts one in mind of tropical weather, sunshine and sand.

dress 2

The mama who requested these projects saw the first skirt in blog post form, before she saw the actual skirt.  She commented on how much cuter it was in real life.  If it was true for that, it’s ten times truer for this.  Especially with it just being on a hanger.  When you put it on, it becomes a whole new dress.

dress 4

I like this little ruffle-y bit in the back.  It would be worn in the front too, as it’s really reversible.  The flower is just pinned on, so it can be moved wherever.

dress 5

It can also be worn as a long skirt, with the shoulder straps tucked in.

dress 3

dress 6

Sewing a sundress, sounds just about right to chase away the late winter blues.  We have lots of school work to do today, and obviously a fair bit of shoveling as well, but maybe, just maybe, I might be able to slip in a little time at my machine.


2 thoughts on “Uncle (and some more sewing)

  1. Julie

    You are wonderful !! Now it is Sunday, and there is still more snow coming down–still in winter’s grip!

  2. cecilia

    ooooh super cute – i think making a summer goddess dress sounds perfect just about now! my oldest little lady is very particular about only wearing dresses – i could imagine several of these being staples…. i am definitely getting excited for spring and summer, but for now, more snow predicted. the boys handy-work is lovely also :)

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