weekend sewing

I spent some time getting to know my new machine this weekend.  Up first were a few birthday treats for a lovely young lady in our homeschooling group…

skirt again

Her mom asked if I could make her a few things for her 11th birthday.  She found a picture on-line of the style that she wanted and we went off of that.  We picked out the fabric together on our little shopping excursion a few weeks back.

Unfortunately with all the clouds we’ve had the last few days, it’s impossible to get a picture that comes anywhere close to representing the true color of these fabrics.


She’s going to be seriously adorable in this with her long blond hair and bright blue eyes.  I played a little with some of the embroidery stitches to decorate the waistband.


Then, because I had extra fabric and extra ribbon, I whipped up this little kerchief to go with it.


I’ve got a couple more projects for her in the works, also a couple of house projects either recently completed or in progress and I might just have to try to sew a little something for a certain little fella in my own home, with a birthday coming up, oh, so  very soon.  So, far, it looks like my machine and I are going to be very happy together!


8 thoughts on “weekend sewing

  1. Julie

    It looks so spring-y! …As we watch the snow being wildly whipped off the trees in this endless winter!

  2. renee ~ heirloom seasons

    I missed that you got a new sewing machine! How exciting! That Janome is very similar to the Kenmore one I have had for about 15 years. I never use the embroidery stitches but I love the button-hole like applique stitch, and the overlock stitch and foot for finishing seams, and having an automatic buttonhole foot is super great. Have lots of fun with your machine! I can’t wait to see all the great things you make. This skirt is so sweet, especially with the matching kerchief! I am in a super sewing mood lately too!

  3. Amy

    Ohhhh a new Janome! I have been thinking about a new one in my future (I have the basic My Style, but love it!) I have been a bit intimidated by a computerized machine. I’ll be interested to see how you like it and VERY interested to see all of the cute things that you will be making on it! You always inspire me to create more!!
    PS Also – let us know how the play stand comes along, use it gets, and which plans you picked out. I have been wrestling with the idea of making/getting one for a year, but can’t decide if it will get as much (or more) cave/house/burrow building that our dining room chairs do.

  4. Melody Post author

    My new machine actually isn’t computerized, it’s just digital. Which is slightly less intimidating.

    There will be more on the play stands for sure! We were having a lot of frustration from chairs and stuff *not* making satisfactory forts, so I’m hoping this will be a step up!

  5. a little crafty nest

    I just love love love that skirt…and the fabric. Did you use a pattern or just wing it? And what is the fabric. I would love a similar skirt for myself:) or my little girl. I just bought some fabric to make her some spring skirts and dresses…we’ll see what gets made.
    xo Jules

  6. Melody Post author

    Hi Jules,
    No pattern, but pretty easy to see how to go about making one I think. I’m afraid I don’t know off-hand what the fabric is. I sent all of the leftovers back home with the mama who bought them, so I can’t check the selvage to see if it’s labeled. Sorry!

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