What is it really like to have a large active family with a multitude of food allergies?  With in this house there is at least one person who can’t handle each of the following: eggs, dairy, gluten, corn, grains of any sort, legumes (all beans and peanuts), chocolate, mold in food (including fungi- in other words, mushrooms), almonds and potatoes.

Special feeding circumstances I have to contend with this week include; backpack food for children on a day long hike, back to back dance recitals, a potluck, group family day on the beach-including picnic lunch, and planning for a week long camping trip.

It’s currently 11:45 pm.  I’m sitting here with 24 lbs worth of sleeping baby on my back.  The older boys were kind enough to make some dairy free ice cream before going to bed.  It’s chilling for a special event tomorrow.  They do, however, seem to have neglected the cleaning up part.  I have strips of beef marinating in the fridge, mango slices (they were having a big blow out sale) and strawberry fruit leather drying in the dehydrator, I just took a crustless pumpkin pie out to cool and put some plantain based sesame bread sticks in to bake.  I still have to figure out what to pack for two little ones who will be away from home tomorrow.  They are supposed to bring “light, non-messy, nut free snacks”.  Graham crackers, pretzels or cheese sticks were suggested.  Uh-huh.

My advice to you?  Make babies that tolerate a wide range of foods.


One thought on “glimpse

  1. Emily

    Hi, I enjoy your blog. I’m not sure if your kids would eat these (you might be surprised… I was!) but they are our go-to mess-free snack. They travel well… we haven’t eaten a cracker of any kind here in years. And they’re incredibly good for you!
    I refer to them as “fish chips” which seems to increase their appeal.
    Also, coconut chips (large flakes?) make a good traveling snack.
    Keep up the good work! You are amazing!

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