a space for her


This is the little changing area that we set up when I was pregnant with Seraphina.  I’m considering moving it and wanted to have some pictures of it as is, for her baby book.  Steve made the changing table when I was pregnant with Mairi Rose.  We left it unfinished and as she got older it was used as a bookshelf and general storage in various places around the house.  We decided to spruce it up a bit for our new baby with a coat of paint leftover from our bathroom project and some fabric drawers.  I vividly remembered how crazy making it was to try to keep everything from dissolving into utter chaos when just stacked on the shelves.

We splurged on the diaper pail as well.  Some people treat themselves to things like luxury cars.  Us?  We go in for the fancy diaper pails.  This one was pricey- you know, for a diaper pail!  But I have to say that I’ve been cloth diapering babies for the better part of 15 years now and this is by far the best system I’ve ever used.

The mobile in process…there were supposed to be more bunnies and flowers and leaves and things twined in with the grapevine wreath and maybe some birds or bees or butterflies?  But the truth is I haven’t added anything to it in a very long time.  I think the only way it’s ever going to get finished is if I just start calling it finished.

And really that’s about it.  Simple and sweet, just the way I like things.  A basket of diapers and a little wooden bowl with odds and ends; a toy for entertainment, some healing balm, baby nail clippers, that kind of thing, rounds everything out.  Lately she’s been excitedly talking to the little picture of herself, so cute!


6 thoughts on “a space for her

  1. Joyfulmother

    Cute set up. You’re very creative and I enjoying your blog. Something about you and your family is beautifully eccentric. I enjoy seeing your posts about feeding your family. I’m using the sweet potatoes and sausage for breakfast idea. It’s one of our favorites! Do you mind to say what cloth diapers are in the basket? We use cloth off and on and I have yet to find a favorite.

  2. MamaAshGrove

    Sweet lovely little space- I love the serene colors for baby. :)
    We have plans to build something similar for this little one coming soon- with as many of us as there are, she certainly won’t have a room of her own for some time. A corner of our room, with a changing table, pretty things on the wall, baskets for her things, that’s all she’ll need for a while. In my head, her changing table is similar to yours- with open shelves and baskets underneath, and our almost 8 year old is already knitting simple birds to hang on a mobile above it all!

  3. Melody Post author

    Beautifully eccentric…that’s a new one for me! I think I like it. There are a variety of diapers in there, but the ones on top are Mother Ease, which are my favorites for all except the newborn phase.

  4. Melody Post author

    Oh, the mobile sounds lovely! I wanted baskets, but I couldn’t find any that were the right size/price combo. Our bedroom is on the second floor. I figured I was much too busy to be schlepping up there every time she needed a diaper change, so we set it up in the dinning room, which is pretty much the center of the whole house and where we spend most of our day! It probably seems strange to visitors, but it makes perfect sense as far as I’m concerned!

  5. MamaAshGrove

    Our bedroom is upstairs too. . . hmmm that could be a problem. Our downstairs rooms are quite full and quite small, so I think there is nowhere else for it! I do like that idea, and if I should come to your house and see your changing area right central where it belongs, I’d think it was perfect. :)

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