sox and stocks

Trying to craft for boys as they get older is a tricky business, especially when the boy in question is not your own.  I think I did alright with this one.  His eyes lit up when he opened it and said, “Did you make this?” and when I replied that yes, I had, he looked at me with wonder and asked, “for me? specifically for me??”  It was really very sweet.  I think the moral of the story is that the logo of a favorite team can really go a long way towards selling a plain old neck warmer.  I’m just glad they’re not in the National League.  I don’t think I would have ever heard the end of it if they were regularly in competition with the Phillies.  That would be like some sort of sports knitting treason or something.  As it was there were a few snide comments.

I’ve never had trouble with color work in the past, but somehow my tension on this one was all wonky.  Post blocking it seems ok, but I still wasn’t overly thrilled with the finished product.  But as I said, it was well received, so I guess that’s all that matters.  I used yarn leftover from the Christmas cowls, some scraps of white.

I’ve been reading Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey, since I’ve seen his work recommended in a few places.  In the beginning I found it some of the comments kind of offensive.  Not to me, as most of what he was saying didn’t apply to me, but in general.  There were a couple of blanket statements that just rubbed me the wrong way.  To be perfectly frank, I also found it patronizing and a bit sexist.  But as I’ve gotten into it I’ve found the practices he recommends to be sound and for the most part in line with the way I personally believe money should be handled, ideally, at least for my own peace of mind.  You, however, can feel free to enjoy handling your money however you want, without any judgments from me, though I’m not so sure I can say the same for Mr. Ramsey.  I think my main objections stemmed from, shall we say, a different world view from what I’m accustomed to.  I’m glad I stuck with it, as there is a lot of quality advice once you get into it.



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