This is the newest member of our ever growing doll family. She was designed by and for Elijah. The request I got was as follows; a girl doll in a fuzzy purple and pink dress, with blue eyes like Elijah, no nose (I have no idea why my children are so against noses these days… weird) and lots and lots of golden curly hair. I may well have gone a bit overboard on the last request!

She isn’t quite done yet. I still need to pink her checks. Since this picture was taken I’ve braided her hair into pigtails. I’m going to make her a pink jumper with purple trim and a matching hat.

I made her body out of purple cotton stretch velvet, so it always looks like she is dressed. I the past Elijah’s dolls have had a nasty habit of misplacing their clothes.

And yes, Iain is already designing his next doll. “Well, you made Elijah one!!” Never mind that I promised to make one for Elijah because he was upset about the knot doll that I let Iain design at Christmas time. Oye. Luckily, Galen isn’t that articulate yet…

It’s sounding like Iain’s is going to be a boy, with dreadlocks and rainbow sweater, named Clove.

Did I mention that Elijah has a pen pal now too? He’s now writing to a little friend in Canada. They are going to send pictures and short notes written by mommies. For his first letter he decided to send a picture of Violet. I thought it turned out really well!

On the back he asked me to write “This is my doll Violet.” It was very important that the note be written in purple so that the little boy knows that’s his favorite color! He wrote his name underneath.


One thought on “Violet

  1. Ingrid

    Oh wow! I am blown away by your creativity! Reading about your birthday tradition was so sweet. I’m totally inspired.

    And your 7 year old knits! Awwww. My 7 year old has commented thinking my knitting is cool but when I asked him if he wanted me to teach him, he said no. :(

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