Week in the Life, Thursday


~we made banana “ice-cream” in the morning (just frozen bananas whipped up to be creamy)

~I taught Elijah how to scramble eggs.  We served them with kimchi and black eyed peas.

~I spent too long, early in the morning, looking at house stuff on-line.


~dancing with Iain in the kitchendancing 2

~Today Galen was a gnome gathering crystals.

laundry chute

~Oh my dearest, beloved laundry chute, how very much you mean to me!


~random stack of readables, just before it was tidied away.

~I spent the better part of the afternoon doing things like scrubbing trashcans….it’s a very glamorous life, I know…

doing dishes

~dish washing photo courtesy of Iain.

aiken drum

~Aiken Drum


~Baking day, we were supposed to be making almond flour crackers and somehow ended up making peanut butter cookies instead.  Funny how that happened.  I think the Papa appreciated the plate of well done ones waiting for him when he got home from work.  He prefers them that way.

cookies for daddy


~I have no idea why they find watching Steve cut the lawn so fascinating, but they do…


hair cut

~Galen got a haircut…

more hair cut

~as you can probably tell by all of the blocks and silk scarves in the background, there was all kinds of imaginative play going on in the living room all day.

hair cut 3



~”hop up my lady!”

hop up my lady

~All together, singing in the kitchen…while I cooked salmon cakes.

~Iain and Elijah had a bath in our big double tub. They consider it nearly as good as having their own swimming pool. When they came out, Iain informed me that he’d “gone under” 315 times and declared himself a giant prune.


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  1. Monica

    I am truly appreciating this Week in the life series. Thanks so much for sharing such an intimate view of your daily life.

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