2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Day 41 of Quarantine

  1. Caz

    Short videos seem like a good plan.
    Definitely undo that baby blanket and reuse the yarn.
    Love the story of the mouse! I can’t clear cupboards here because I have nowhere to take the rubbish. I could do with one of your acres and some tarpaulins or a shed! Meanwhile we potter on.
    Stay safe.

  2. Megan

    Short videos seem like a great idea. It has been snowy, rainy, and windy here in Ottawa too. There are rumours here in Ontario, Canada that universities are planning for online courses come fall. This may just be a precaution, “just in case.” But, it is hard to imagine at this point when gatherings of more than 5 are not allowed and we are all trying to stay home, that suddenly in September we can have hundreds of college students in one lecture hall. Time will tell. My 22 year old daughter and her roommate just adopted a cat, but it will live inside. Most exciting news in weeks!

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