2 thoughts on “Bespoke Episode 18: On Decluttering and Minimalism

  1. Caz

    Hi Melody,
    I’ve finally got round to watching your decluttering video. Life has moved on in the world and we are now in lockdown in the uk as we have a vulnerable family member so we are staying at home to protect them from this virus.
    We were supposed to be moving house in a few weeks so decluttering is high on the agenda ….but as we are all here in a not particularly large house (uk houses are smaller than American I think) the project is on hold. We are not able to get rid of anything we clear out. Charity shops are closed. The council tip is closed and we are being asked to be respectful of how much waste we put in our dustbins because the bin men are overstretched. So….for the time being we just have to live with it. It’s all ver weird! I have time to do stuff but no availability of materials to do them with. I can’t paint because the smell is too strong when you are stuck in the house. I feel at a bit of a dead end with it to be honest. However, on the upside, I have been crocheting and sewing and now the weather has warmed up I have been in the garden.
    I do hope you have been well enough to be able to finish your kitchen. I’d love to see a little tour. Your way of life is very different to ours. It’s like peeking in your window! Happy .easter to you and your family.

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