Yoda Tea (for lung inflammation and congestion)

Back in the spring when I was sick with pleurisy I tried just about everything to ease the pain, reduce coughing and try to get back on the path towards wellness.  This strong brew, named ‘Yoda‘ by my children for it’s characteristic sickly green color, was the single thing that I felt benefited me the most.  With cold and flu season upon us, I’ve had regular requests to share this recipe.

Yoda Tea

1 large fistful of fresh thyme*
2 T. of matcha green tea
1 T. of turmeric
1 T. of whole cloves
orange peel- around 1 orange worth
Around 1/2 Cup of lemon juice
Honey to taste

*Whenever we have made this we have used the fresh thyme growing in our garden.  We grow an heirloom variety of “sweet” thyme, which has a very pleasant and rather milder flavor than regular thyme.  Some people have found that amounts need to be adjusted according.

Place the thyme, the matcha tea, turmeric, cloves, and orange peel in a quart jar.  Cover with boiling water.  Steep for at least 5 minutes, strain.  Add in the honey and lemon juice and drink it as warm as you can tolerate it. I suggest regular stirring or shaking to keep the powdered ingredients evenly distributed.
When I was at my worst I was actually drinking it a quart at a time, but obviously it could also be drunk a cup at a time, which may be more appropriate for a more minor illness.


obligatory disclaimer: I’m a random mother on the internet posting a tea recipe that she found helpful, not a doctor, so use your discretion and due consideration when making your own healthcare decisions.   

One thought on “Yoda Tea (for lung inflammation and congestion)

  1. Paige

    Thanks, Melody! Looking forward to trying it. Best wishes for the holiday, and thank you for tending to this warm corner of the internet, I always love to see what you’ve posted.

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