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Thank you all for your supportive comments on yesterday’s post. I’m sure I’ll be sharing more about this process in the future.

Would you look at the newest little foodie in town??

Yes, the Wee Girl has decided that some additional sustenance is desirable. And the first person who mentions to me that this is the first step towards weaning and independence is looking to get pinched, hard. We are opting to ignore that connection for the moment, got it?

Really, I do love this time of watching them explore and branch out, even if it did come upon me so quickly that I think I got whiplash. So, ready or not (for me) and quite ready (for her), food is becoming a regular part of her days.

But hey, at least it’s still Mama-made, right? It’s such a sweet time, when their diets are so simple and unadulterated it feel so good and wholesome to feed her something pure and lovely and have her just go crazy for it.

She likes the peaches and blueberries that I canned last summer quite a bit (and for those of you who are shaking your heads at me for feeding a little baby berries, it’s really strawberries that are the significant allergen, with the other berries being much less so and in our family’s individual scheme of things, berries are a low allergen while many common first foods are high allergens.) but I think that her favorite so far has been mama’s chicken broth. I’m very excited by this because now that my Vitamix is fixed and the carrots are flowing in at that farm, it seems the perfect time to make a whole bunch of the carrot soup that I love so much. Yum. And it will be so much fun to share and watch her eat it all up!

But while this post is a bit about food, it’s also about sewing…sewing in my very classic style…meaning entirely unplanned and off the cuff.

This is how this project came about: I was clearing the dining room table, getting ready to sew up the pair of pants that I had cut a couple of days prior. I snatched up Màiri’s bib and as I was walking to the hamper with it, I got to thinking about how it’s really the only bib that fits her properly at this stage. I still have all of the knitted bibs that I made for Galen, but they’re too big for her right now and what’s more, still being used by him (it took me four kids to get there, but I’ve come to the conclusion that having toddlers and preschoolers who completely accept bibs as a give-in makes life a lot easier. As a side benefit, it also keeps me a lot calmer when I’m watching them eat gazpacho in a white shirt that it took me three weeks to sew.)

And that’s all it took, those approximately 15 steps between the table and the hamper. I turned back around, bib still in hand and headed right back to the table. A quick trip upstairs to grab a pile of fabric scraps and then back down to use my “perfect fit” peach covered bib as a template.

And just a bit later she had 6 more “perfect fit” bibs, bringing us up to a grand total of 7, or one for every day of the week.

The pink and purple ones are flannel and reversible. The blue ones are just a quilters cotton backed with either terry toweling or corduroy.

And all are seeing a lot of use!


4 thoughts on “baby bibs

  1. Jenn

    I love the bibs!! Too bad my Harmony thinks they were made to be ripped right back off (the joys of an independent, active 17 month old).

  2. Melanie

    Oh my, is it time for food? Oh, I always have such a hard time with this transition with my own children. . .bittersweet like so many other big transitions. . .
    I love the bibs- and I love that chair Mairi is sitting in!

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