A Disappointing Project

I’m thinking that all of the Healing Home posts must be terribly boring to the people who are only here to see craft type things or homeschooling related posts. I want to apologize for that. But I do feel that it is so important that this information get out there. I’m afraid you are going to have to bear with me for a while! But I promise to continue to try to pep things up with regular posts in-between. And today we have a crafty post! Not exactly a happy crafting post, but a crafting post none-the-less!

This is an old project, perhaps from sometime in February? As some of you may remember, my darling husband brought home a beautiful, mission style, cherry wood futon as a Christmas surprise last year. Lovely, lovely thing that! Sometime early in the new year, I decided it was time to make some pillows for it.

I found the fabric came from the old house. I had originally intended to recover part of our old sofa with it, but the mold kind of made that pointless, so it had just been sitting around for years. I opted to try out some bamboo stuffed pillow forms.

Note to self: take pictures of projects, just as soon as they are finished!

The project itself went swimmingly. Everything turned out as I had planned and I had no complaints. Then Galen got the stomach flu…

Let me just say, that I now understand why they’ve started using bamboo for diapers and towels. The amount of liquid that stuff can hold is nothing short of astounding. After several washings and what felt like weeks of drying, I found that my formerly fluffy, now quite clumpy, pillows had shrunk (one substantially more then the other, for reasons I still can’t comprehend). And my pleasantly plump pillows were now saggy and baggy and blah.

Incident number 2: involved some kind of accident of another sort, that I can’t quite remember now. Whatever it was, it necessitated the cases being washed again. You would think that after being washed several times in hot water, this would not be an issue, but you would be wrong. Because for whatever reason, this is the time that the fabric decided to bleed.

And so it came to be that my saggy, baggy, lumpy, and stained pillows came to grace our futon.


3 thoughts on “A Disappointing Project

  1. Michelle

    I just stumbled upon your blog and found it so intriguing. I love the healing home posts and all else as well. You know what I love most? How you love your husband. So refreshing in times such as these.

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