We’ve always made it a point not to over-schedule our family.  And yet, somehow at this moment in time, our schedule feels very, very full.  It’s one of those situations where a number of opportunities for too-good-to-pass-up things came into our lives one right on top of the other.  It won’t last forever and the best option seems to be to suck it up for the time being.  But by this past weekend, the Papa Bear and I were fried.  Fried, I tell you.  We both needed to regroup.

I remember (just barely) a time in the distant past where “downtime” meant laying in bed in an air conditioned room, watching movies and eating pizza delivered to our very door.  This weekend’s version of downtime involved hours and hours of lawn mowing, building up a new compost pile and gardening.  We spent a full afternoon working on two big homeschooling projects with the little kids and roasted apples and hotdogs over a fire.  We did ignore most of the housework.  Which I waver between being really glad of, because I desperately needed to step away for a bit, and deeply regretting, because once I stepped back it turns out that what I need now is to have kept up with it then!


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