A Bonnet, a Baby and a Boy

“B, B, B…what begins with B?”

So, one day when I was still kind of sick, but no longer terribly sick, I went to grab a hat for Little Rosebud and found this bonnet that’s been sitting in a basket for ages now. Since I already had my camera, I decided to further amuse myself by plopping down in bed with my girl, my camera and the bonnet.

How silly are we? She’s silly because she’s wearing it and I’m silly for taking pictures of it.

She’s like a tiny scullery maid or something…
A friend gave me this vintage french cutwork bonnet for Màiri.
It’s not very practical of course, but it was kind of fun to play with.

I’m wondering what it looked like originally. Someone obviously reworked it with a new satin ribbon and flowers.

When my sister called and I told her that I had just been taking pictures of my baby in a goofy bonnet, she seemed to imply that perhaps I should start listing that as my occupation or something. Ahem.

And how to entertain a little one while taking endless pictures of her?

Good old ball jar lids and rings. One of her favorite things at the moment. Oh she is my child.
And how, exactly do you tell a 3 year old that he doesn’t fit into your little photo shoot?
You don’t, obviously. That’s his new beard by the way.

“Hey, Mommy, if I stick my legs in the air, will the guy in the camera do it too?”

turns out he will…

7 thoughts on “A Bonnet, a Baby and a Boy

  1. Melanie

    My heavens, your children are so beautiful- Mairi takes my breath away!
    That bonnet is something else- and how could you not take tons of pictures with that little face peeking out at you from under it?
    My babies always loved canning jar rings too. . .so much fun!

  2. taimarie

    such sweetness. My little guy is in love with canning jar lids too. I can plunk him down with a basket of them and do something like, say, read blogs, and he is happy as a clam.

  3. Angela

    what a lovely gift. it may not be practical for keeping off the sun, but frames Mairi's face beautifully.

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