Our little lamb and her dear chicken friend on their first Halloween.

Seraphina: da-da-ba-bah-ba-ma-ma

Me (excitedly): Mama?

her (definitively): da-da

Me: Maaa-Maaa…

her (with a huge smile): DA-DA!

Me: Mama???

her: *much laughter*

This week the munchkin girl turned 7 months old.  Two days later she started to crawl…sort of.  She’s got three out of the four limbs involved figured out anyway and she can make it a great distance (you know, for a baby), it’s just not terribly coordinated.  It kind of goes hand, hand, knee…d-r-a-g the other leg, but in rapid succession.


One thought on “44/52

  1. MamaAshGrove

    Is it just me, or do the later kiddos grow up faster? Must be trying to keep up with the super cool older siblings. ..
    She looks so sweet in her costume!

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