A Whole Heap of Purple

As I mentioned before, everyone seems to be in need of clothing this year. I was lucky enough to have access to a message board where a woman was selling off her large stash of organic fabrics, cheap, cheap, cheap. So of course I planned to stock up. Tricky business that though…I spent $100 on the first box (there was a second, much cheaper box, but I’ll get to that later), plus $30 shipping (the cost of shipping is killing me these days!). In theory, this is a fabulous deal on some very high quality, organic fabrics. But the reality is that we don’t need more fabric, we need clothes. So, it’s really only a deal if I get it fashioned into some sort of wearable form…not if it just sits on a box or on a shelf. Then it would just be a ridiculous and inexcusable waste of money. Now it’s up to me to make my investment worthwhile. Here are some of my first installments.

I started off with the purple fleece. It’s super soft and warm, just what we are needing. I have been thinking a lot about what I should make everyone. While it’s certainly fun to make cute little outfits, what our life is really demanding at this point is warmth, lots and lots of warmth, as well as comfort. The kind of clothes that are well suited to afternoons at home by the fire.

At the same time, these little ones of mine have interests of their own and like a bit of fun. For now I’m hoping that some well chosen appliques will do the trick. So far, so good.

Galen’s sweatsuit was somewhat improvised. The pants are based off of a favorite pair that’s starting to get a bit small. I’m not entirely thrilled with how the shirt turned out. It’s not awful, just not exactly what I had in mind either. But I guess that’s what I get for being too cheap to by a pattern. I also thought that the stars would stand out much more then they do.

Elijah’s new favorite shirt, made from my all-time favorite boy pattern; Kwik Sew 3366. I’ve probably made this shirt 10 times in the last couple of years. It’s just so quick and easy. The blue and grey fleeces are also from “the box”, and will surely be making furture appearances.

More purple to come! I figured that while I had the machine threaded I may as well keep going until it’s gone. I have several other pieces made, but no pictures yet. And a couple more planned for late this week, early next.

Ah… all kinds of comfy, cozy at home. See? They work!

6 thoughts on “A Whole Heap of Purple

  1. Kimberly

    Oh Melody – I was just thinking about you last night- it was in our stars to get back in touch!

    You are very busy sewing my dear – I’m not doing much in that department although I am writing and knitting.

    Could you email me at my gmail – address is on the right sidebar of my blog – I’m not sure I have yours in my address book.

    Let’s keep in touch!

  2. taimarie

    I lways so impressed by how you can create such cute and functional things for your family. These outfits are great!

  3. julie

    These are wonderful. I am so amazed how you can just sew up a shirt or pant and they are cute and fit your kids! YOu are very talented. I am inspired to make some of my sons clothing.

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