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“Knitting is power and can be a fulfilling means of self-expression, with a useful and lovingly made garment as a side bonus.” ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman

As feared, I’ve run out of yarn for Iain’s birthday sweater.  No matter how many times I refresh it, the tracking page persists in telling me that the yarn will not arrive until next week.  A watched package never ships?  With a bit of time on my hands I thought I would see if I could cobble together enough leftover yarn to make a Christmas hat for Mairi.  That one came together quickly enough and I don’t think it’s obvious that I pieced together a combination of yarns for it.  I’ve cast on for another, much needed, pair of tights now.  This is for times when knitting is the only option.  Mostly I’ve been trying to finish off several projects that I’ve put aside; working in ends and adding buttons.  I don’t think it’s wise to keep scissors in my lap while say sitting on the floor playing with the baby or riding in the car.  The knitting is for those times.  And also times when I just want to pick something up and knit a stitch here and there.  It’s far more portable.  I wish to start crossing some things off my mental to-do list, which I can’t do until they are really, truly done, not just mostly done.  Last year I read a book that classed unfinished projects as clutter.  That really struck a chord with me.  While I am forever trying to cut down on clutter around the house, I’m terrible about that kind of mental clutter and I don’t think it does well by me.

I chanced upon Cynthia Harnett’s historical fiction in the form of The Wool Pack, also known as The Merchant’s Mark.  It came to us through a friend just as we were studying the Tudor time period and turned out to be a perfect companion for our studies.  I’ve raided the library for additional books by the same author to see it they are also ripe for passing on to the big boys.  The Writing on the Hearth is excellent so far!


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