days of goldenrod

You know you knit too much when…

You find yourself stalking a man in the grocery store, not because he’s really good looking, but because he is wearing an Aran sweater with a cable you are trying to work out.” 

~At Knit’s End: Meditations for Women who Knit Too Much by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

I’m reading that book right now.  I think I will forever associate Stephanie’s writing with Seraphina’s early baby days when I read book after book of hers all in rapid succession.  I love her so much, if for no other reason then she assures me that it’s perfectly normal to have a freezer full of wool.

The quote above reminds me of a funny story.  Several years ago we were walking out of a co-op as a man was crossing the parking lot to walk in.  I think he was somewhat attractive and of the general right age range.  Maybe.  I didn’t really note that.  What I did notice was his fabulous, luscious, cream colored sweater full of some of the most meticulous and complicated cabling I’ve ever seen.  I stood there, frozen in my tracks, staring after him, with snowflakes gathering on my eyelashes, trying to mentally deconstruct the main cable.  I’m not sure how long I stood there, spellbound, before it suddenly dawned on me that to the casual observer it looked just as if I was very intently checking out this gentleman’s backside. heh-hem  Luckily my husband knows me well enough to know that I only have eyes for him….and yarn.

The goldenrod!  It sneaks up on me.  Every year I’m surprised to find myself in this season.  Even this year when I prepared in advance.  I always want to be knitting something golden as they come into bloom, but never have the right yarn on hand.  When I was ordering yarn a few months back, I made sure to include some with this season in mind.  From the Knit Picks site- “Wheat is a dark mustard yellow color that is slightly darker than Turmeric. With stronger green undertones, Wheat is has subtle cooler undertones and is reminiscent of a dark goldenrod.“  I’m on a somewhat embarrassing mustard yellow kick.  Actually I wasn’t embarrassed by it, until my sister informed me that I really ought to be.  So since it’s my duty and all…  It’s not really the color of freshly bloomed goldenrod.  Nor it is truly what I would consider “mustard”.  For what I have in mind I think I prefer it more subtle anyway.  And it is almost exactly the color of the faded blooms and these days I’m already finding more faded then fresh.  Autumn is almost upon us.


3 thoughts on “days of goldenrod

  1. MamaAshGrove

    WAHAHA! I have caught myself doing similar things. :)
    I was on a mustard yellow yarn kick when my youngest was a baby, so I fully understand. And I still love it.

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