Hand Woven…By ME!

I really wasn’t sure how best to photograph this project. Which obviously didn’t keep me from taking, and then posting, a ridiculous number of pictures.

So, here it is! My first woven item…

I received a number of complements on it from real life, veteran weavers. Both on the artistic design aspects, as well as technique. Apparently, my tension was excellent for a beginner. One woman said that I must be a very relaxed person (ha!). And while I am certain that they were all just being polite, I was still tickled pink with their praise.


8 thoughts on “Hand Woven…By ME!

  1. Claire

    That’s beautiful Melody :) Fabulous colours, I love the pattern… so pretty. is it a gift for someone or will you wear it? Do show us it being modeled if so :)


  2. Penny in VT

    Amazing! So beautiful – no wonder you were so drawn to weaving, it’s clearly meant for you! :)

  3. Monica

    Melody, that is just amazing! What a beautiful pattern, and great colours!



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