The toys were a hit!

Seraphina Violet Juliette…

weighs 20 lbs and is 26 1/2″ long; our tiny giant!

reaches out her arms to be picked up.

is getting used to the car.

has been sitting on her own for longer stretches at a time.

has tried to say a few words…hat, hi and na-na (our word for nursing)  I know it sounds crazy, but I swear it really sounds like she’s trying to say them back to us.  I have witnesses.  Other people have heard it too.

likes to play with the baby in the mirror.

can be quite silly and giggly at home, but gets very serious when we are out, studying and trying to figure out everything new around her.

may be teething already?  She’s acting that way lately, but it could be a while yet.

has left her siblings all grumbling about how she won’t cuddle anymore.  too busy!


One thought on “34/52

  1. kirsty

    Gorgeous! Look at that concentration! That looks like teething to me! It’s lovely to see Seraphina and hear what she’s up to – I think she must be about a month older than my little one and it’s great to see what I might be able to expect in the next month. (Sitting? Wow!) I am sure she’s talking!

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