One of the long fabled gifts. They are real, honestly! See??

Photo credits for the top two photos go to Iain.

These were for My Molli .

Now everyone who just clicked on that link is thinking “Gosh, that’s quite a different sort of blog, huh? And these two people are friends?!?” (yeah, that’s me putting what you are thinking into polite words, if this were on Molli’s blog, they would probably end up being a very different sort of words…). Well, the answer is that yes, we are, and very good friends at that!
Molli is one of my oldest friends, and while our lives have gone in entirely different directions, we can still talk until three in the morning, without ever running out of things to say. And for the record, Molli’s blog is one of my absolute favorites. That girl cracks me up. Seriously, no where else on the web will you get a post with labels that read like this…Labels: Balkie Bartakamus, ham n cheese, Level 2 Cofusion Spell, quitting smoking, top secret lady business, Vampires, What’s wrong with America today
And that’s just one post people.

So, when her FIRST BOOK was published (!!!) back in September, I wanted to send a little something along with my love and congratulations. She had just moved back to the east coast, from California, as the weather was turning cool. Most of her warm clothes were still in storage, and so, of course, my mind turned to thoughts of knitting….

It was a rather thoughtful gift back in September.

Of course, I didn’t send it out in September. I shoved it in a bag with all of my other unfinished projects. So much for my blessings on the book, hey? Well, Christmas it is then.

Only…I didn’t send it out at Christmas either. It finally sent it out for her birthday, in…March. And I suspect it got there late. And now for the truly mortifying part, wanna know what was left to do in all of that time?? I needed to work in the ends. Yup. That’s it. Thing is, it really had nothing to do with working in the ends, or not, as the case may be. I had always planned to just do it real quick, right before I send it out. The hold-up was that I wanted to send her other things as well, and I hadn’t gotten around to those. Finally, I just decided that I better send out what I have, or I might never get it out of here! Yeah, it was a far more thoughtful gift in September.

Even so, a lot of thought did go into it. There were several aspects of Molliness that were taken into consideration (and yes, if she can write a poem to me employing the word “swellody”, then I, by all rights, can get away with defining the characteristics of “Molliness”).

For one, I picked the color (Peace Fleece’s Glastnost Gold) because I thought it would be absolutely gorgeous with her complexion.

Secondly, after seeing Molli, face to face, for the first time in 5+ years, it brought a huge smile to my face to see that she still puts a little hole for her thumbs in the cuffs of her shirt sleeves. And that was the inspiration for the fingerless gloves, which are of my own, very simple, design.

And third, the panta (pattern by DROPS) is warm, but open in the back, to allow for the option of pigtails or twin buns. A very important feature in a Molli friendly gift.

So there you have it, mucho Molliness.


3 thoughts on “Molliness

  1. Michelle

    Lovely, Melody!

    You know, actually I can see just a teeny bit of Melody in Molly. …Not the “Hell Yeah” part, the “White Hotel” part. Quite the wordsmith are you both. :o )

    She should love the gifts! And they are still thoughtful. Thoughts don’t evaporate just because they aren’t stamped and mailed.

  2. Molli Rocket

    HAHAHAHAHA! I forgot all about “swellody.” I’ll have to bust that one out again. They didn’t arrive late, actually, the arrived on the day that I most needed happiness, which is your particular gift of timing. And I love them. Did I mention I love them? And I love you. Call me soon!

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