31/52 & 32/52

I thought I was all caught up, but somehow I fell behind again?

Seraphina Violet Juliette…

points her toes and flaps her arms when she’s excited.

sings her “mournful song” when she’s tired or wanting me.

favorite toy = carrots from the garden (she doesn’t have any teeth yet, so can’t get any little bits off).

with wooden spoons coming in second.

doesn’t seem too upset that her family hasn’t managed to dig the baby toys out just yet.

is very interested in everyone’s food.  (too soon baby!  too soon!)

likes to steal daddy’s hat.

has figured out that if you pull on the edge of something, you can generally get it to come closer to you.

does not understand why pulling on her skirt doesn’t bring her toes within reach.

watched a beautiful blue, black and white butterfly fluttering around the garden.

and tried to catch the luna month on the other side of the window glass.

laughs when we sing the Sweet Potato song at bedtime.


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