Around the Garden ~ May

The roses have since arrived and been settled in the ground.  That card makes me smile.  Though it still doesn’t beat my favorite piece of kid writing, a story I was once handed that concluded “thee and”.

For Mother’s Day Steve conscripted children to help in the garden under my direction.  I’ve been rather frustrated with my lack of ability to accomplish much out there this year.  It’s not so much just the baby, I’ve worked around that before, as my body’s inability to both carry her and work as well.  I can mostly manage one or the other, at least for short periods of time, but not both.  So for the day they were my hands for the most part (I did manage to sit and weed a bit) and together we accomplished quite a lot.  The front flower garden was a mess and now it’s all nice and tidy and ready for a thick coat of mulch.  This is a much more pleasant sight to come home to!

I didn’t take any pictures of the back gardens, but they are doing amazingly well.  Steve and the kids are working on building new beds, everything is spreading and growing, it’s glorious.  We had our first little asparagus harvest of the year, around the size of a bunch you might get at the store and so fabulously sweet, with the kind of flavor that you would never get at a store.


One thought on “Around the Garden ~ May

  1. Robyn

    Lovely photos. Makes me homesick for New England. I grew up in Vermont and currently live out west in the desert. My plants have to fight 100+ degree temperatures and rarely win. I have roses, but they only manage to bloom for a couple of weeks in February and March when it’s still ‘cool’.

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