I’ve been in a serious knitting funk lately. I have been knitting, I just can’t seem to actually finish anything. You know I don’t exactly care for finish work to begin with. Lately I’ve just been craving the soothing quality of act of knitting. I think I could quite happily curl up in bed and just knit my days away. But whenever I get to the fiddly parts, the parts that require something other then just drifting off into a blissfully stitched daydream, well when I get to those parts, the projects somehow seem to slip to the wayside. Which is exactly how one ends up with a pile like this…
This is my pile of unfinished knitted items, gathered from the various piles, bags and baskets I currently have strewn about the house. And ya know what? There’s a good chance I’m still missing a few things. Pretty sad, huh?

There are some projects in here that are so old that I just don’t even want to talk about it! Over in the upper right hand corner are the two llamas that were meant to be for my sisters’ birthdays back in uhm, august. There are several projects here that need nothing more then to have the ends worked in. There’s a mitten without it’s mate, leg-less longies, and a sweater that has been finished since September, save for working in the ends and sewing on a button, and many, many other things. A lone fingerless glove graces the top of the pile. I’ve been wearing the hat that goes with it since the end of August. I was waiting until I finish the other glove and the matching scarf before I posted it. That plan seems to be working out well doesn’t it?

And what am I working on now? Oh, you know, just casting on for a new project…


One thought on “Pathetic

  1. Lizz

    That is quite the pile of UFOs.

    If you got something from the process, than you got something. The process is often the most important part of something…oh what do I know!

    Thanks for sharing.

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