I is for Iain, Insomnia, and Idiot

Iain Alexander-My first born boy. He’s getting so, so big! So tall and thin. Shaped just like his Daddy (he certainly didn’t get tall and thin from me!). He’ll be as tall as me soon. Very soon. Whatever happened to that chubby little blue-eyed toddler with the mass of blond hair?!?? I swear he was just here, somewhere about my feet, a moment ago!

Iain is Scottish and means “John”. John is the name of my Father (though he goes by Jack) and of his Father (who went by John proper). Iain was also the name of a dear friend of mine who died far too young. Alexander was my beloved (maternal) Grandfather’s name. It was also Steve’s Grandfather’s name and Steve’s Father’s middle name. We managed to pack a lot of meaning into this one little name! Even the Scottish heritage is a nod to my Grandmother’s ancestry.

I’m loving the current incarnation of his smile.

I think that it’s quite possible that this boy was meant to be my greatest challenge in life. And also one of my greatest joys. He certainly keeps me on my toes! I can only hope that I am up to the task. He brings out the worst in me. And the best in me. There is so much to say about him and our relationship, that I honestly don’t even know where to begin.

Pictured here in the stripy hat I recently made him. The hat was a pattern that I came up with, made from O-wool Balance yarn (50% organic cotton/50% organic merino). In colors chosen by the boy himself.

Insomnia-I’ve struggled with recurrent bouts of insomnia my entire adult life. If you see that I’ve suddenly knitted a ton of stuff in a really short period of time, that’s a pretty sure sign that I haven’t slept in a while! Right now, however, I am having the opposite problem. I think I could sleep all day if the kids would let me. It’s really very poor timing, since we have so much going on these days.

Idiot-What I’m feeling like this morning after realizing that I left a big box full of the kid’s puzzles out in the sleet and freezing rain last night.

Yesterday’s work on the addition required cutting through part of a wall, which meant that a shelf had to come down. There was no place for anything inside, so I took some of the contents outside to be brought back later. Except I didn’t actually remember to bring them back. *sigh* Everything has been laid out on a towel in front of the wood stove since around 4 a.m., but I don’t yet know if it will be salvageable.


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