G is for Galen, Gardens, Glorious, Green, and Grapple

Galen Micheal Millar-Mr. Loveiness himself, of course! A.K.A. Goozle, Twozle, Twosy-woozy belly boy, Gaily, Gaily Goozles, Peanut, Roo, bitty-boy, Munchkin Man, Wee one, and, oh, about a million other things… Steve often asks why we bothered to give the child a name. And let’s face it, it’s not like he has a lack of names to choose from!

Galen- Is both Greek and Celtic. It means healer and calm or tranquil. I took us several days to actually name our sweet littlest one. I’m so glad that we ended up giving him the name that we did. He came to us at a time when I was still quite ill and he brought with him so much love, joy and hope. I’ve always had this distinct feeling that this child has somehow saved my life, though I can’t even begin to explain why.

- Is of Hebrew origin and means ‘he who resembles God’. It also happens to be the middle name of my beloved.

- Is Scottish and it was my Grandmother’s maiden name.

This boy is quite the little character! He is speaking a lot now and running and dancing and jumping everywhere. He still loves to sing and greatly enjoys entertaining all of us. He is completely convinced that he is a “big boy” and wants to be a part of absolutely everything around him. He has also developed quite the sense of humor!

Last week I stepped out of the room where Elijah and him were playing. When I came back Galen was sitting in a big pile of blankets and Elijah was nowhere to be seen.

“Where’s Brother?” I asked.
He shrugged his shoulders, with his hands in the air, and shook his head saying “Don’t know…”
“You don’t know where brother went??”
“N-o-o-oooo….” head still shaking….
At which point Elijah pops out from underneath him and exclaims
“he was sitting on my head!”
And they both fall over on the bed laughing hysterically.

Not only did he totally get the joke, but he played his part very well. Oh, I think I may be in trouble!

But my favorite Galen story from recent days, was when he woke in the night crying. I was quite worn and tired myself. When I denied his request to nurse, he stopped crying, scooted himself up so that he was laying just about nose to nose with me, looked me in the eye, gently stroked my cheek and said “Mama, puweeeaaaaasssse?”. Makes my heart melt, that little one does. Oh yeah, I’m in trouble…

Glorious- On our way home from the fabric store yesterday we were witnesses to the most intensely colored pair of twin rainbows that I have ever seen. One was exceptionally vivid. The other was fainter. There were points at which we could see the entire arch above us. So magical!

By the time I got home for my camera (why, oh why, do I ever leave home without it?!?), the second rainbow was gone and the first had faded considerably. I was happy to have a least gotten a few shots to add to our nature book.

Grapple- A celebratory drink, customarily served around the holidays, consisting of a mix of sparkling cider and sparkling grape juice.

Gardens-I stopped posting my ‘Around the Garden‘s a while back because the drought took quite a toll, leaving everything rather whithered and sad. Thankfully, rains have come again (just in time for the cold!). Currently mums (a gift from my dear love) and brightly colored leaves (a gift from Mother Nature) are providing us with a little end-of-season cheer.

Green- A word with so many meanings and so much of it applies to me. From my desire to live in a natural, sustainable, gentle way, to the plants I love to grow and eat, to the very color itself.

By the way, I finally got around to picking a color for the house trim! It’s to be a mellow gray-green that pleases me and seems to feel at home surrounded by trees.

And, just because I felt bad that the Elijah pictures were so poor, here is a recent one that makes me smile…


2 thoughts on “G is for Galen, Gardens, Glorious, Green, and Grapple

  1. Kimberly

    You mentioned the sewing store..you can’t mention the sewing store without pics ya know!!? Let’s see the loot!

  2. ncole

    (Yes! sewing loot, let us see)
    So much beauty in this post! Where to begin?
    Galen Michael Millar- Beautiful name, wonderful meaning! My children also have a zillion silly and loving nicknames some given by my husband or I, some by eachother and I love when they “rename” themselves during play! My daughter calls herself rainbow and leaf, and my son calls himself tree hawk :) What a sweet picture of Elijah! I love the black and white.

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