F is for Figs, Francesca, and Fascinating


Figs- Luscious, plump, juicy figs…mmm…. Dried ones are ok, but fresh ripe figs are where it’s at! This is a recently discovered fancy of mine. I think I had my first fresh fig only a year or two ago. Steve sometimes brings home a little carton of them as a treat for the children and I. I am sorry to say (alright, I’m really not all that sorry…) that if I happen to be the person unpacking the groceries, and there is no one else around, well, then, it’s highly unlikely that anyone else is destined to see even a single fig that week. I can’t help it. They are just so yummy, and dare I say, kind of sexy…

I’ve even tried growing them! Yup, to date I have killed two little fig trees. I haven’t given up on having a fig tree of my very own just yet, but I have decided that I should learn a bit more about their care before opting to bring another one home…

Francesca-This is Francesca, my newest playmate. Isn’t she darling?

Iain makes me the best toys! This little needle felted skunk was gifted to me earlier in the week, on a day when I was feeling just lousy. I love her so much, that of course, I had to give her an ‘F’ name so that I could share her right away! In fact, I love her so much, that I don’t even mind (too much) that my tiny little bag of super luxurious llama fiber was dipped into (and just about bankrupted) in order to make her. Now that is true love.

Fascinating- I can’t remember where I first saw it mentioned, but somewhere, somehow, I was introduced to the book Material World A Global Family Portrait . When I read about it I had planned to order it through our Inter-Library Loan system. Then last night, I ran into our local library, to grab a quilting book, and lo and behold, there on display at our teeny-tiny library, is this very book. So, of course I grabbed it, and I haven’t been able to put it down! Seriously, the kids basically had to take it away from me so that I would go and make dinner last night.

The premise of the book is a giant photography project, where the author visited countries all over the world, photographing families with literally all of their earthy possessions. The concept alone blows me away. Everything is taken out of their homes and the whole family poses in front of or beside it. Each photo series has a title. All of the possessions are detailed in a key. Then there are stats on the general public for the region (life expectancy, percentage of rural verses urban land, etc) and the stats on the family in question (number of family members, sq footage of the home, income, hours worked, etc). There are additional photos of the families going about their day as well as a paragraph here and there about different aspects of their lives. One of my favorite parts is that each family was asked to name their most prized possession, as well as their hopes for the future. Very interesting stuff. Though I was rather depressed by the number of people who cited the TV as a most valued object. *sigh*


6 thoughts on “F is for Figs, Francesca, and Fascinating

  1. ncole

    Very sweet skunk! And that book sounds great I will have to check it out for sure! I *sigh* along with you about t.v. being a favorite.

  2. Anonymous

    Yes, Yes, Yes about the figs!!! I grew up in a country that gives figs their full due…we had a huge fig tree that draped over our back patio (pomegranates, dates and mullberries, too…was I a spoiled child or what?!). I live in Tennessee now and we can grow the ‘Brown Turkey’ variety of fig here against a southern wall, but they occasionally succumb to the winter cold and die back to the ground. They’ve always come back though, so they are more like a shrub here than the huge graceful tree of my childhood.

  3. Carolyn

    TV is the root of all evil!..Well maybe not quite that awful but it feels like it sometimes!!!!!
    I have gone so far as ordering that book from Amazon as it is not in any of the libraries around here…in England. Thank you for the tip off, I can’t wait for it to arrive.
    I love your blog. A real inspiration. Just wish I had found it a long time ago. Keep posting! I would miss my 5 minutes of Your Little House news.

  4. beautythatmoves.typepad.com

    i love figs!! try them sliced over a salad with fresh goat cheese, maple glazed walnuts, and good balsamic and olive oil… maybe you already have!

    and your little skunk friend is precious. ;)

  5. Molli Rocket

    A really yummy way to eat figs is to slice them in thick slices, put a little crumble of bleu or goat cheese on em, and toast them in the toaster oven for five minutes. Or the regular oven, for that matter. Or possibly in a fire, on some sort of a rack, where the slats are close together so the slices don’t fall through. I dunno. We have a toaster oven, so that’s where I put them.
    You’re right. Figs are sexy. The cheese makes them sexier. I dunno how, its a mystery.
    Also, I like when English people read your blog.

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