E is for Elijah and Eggs

ok, I’ll admit it, this Encyclopedia thing is getting old. already. turns out I’m just not that interesting. I’m putting myself to sleep. Perseverance, right? Oh, onward we go…


Can you guess what my favorite ‘E’ word is?? Because he could…

(it’s been dark and gray here, so you get some really cruddy pictures, sorry ’bout that)

Elijah- Pictured here in a new pair of pajama pants I made a couple of weeks back (details: flannel with white stars, that you can’t see because of the horribly blurry picture, snagged off of the remnants shelf ages ago. no pattern.)

Oh, what to say of my middlest boy?? He’s quiet and thoughtful in one moment, and completely irrepressible in the next! Silly and sweet and funny. Brilliant and oh, so beautiful, with his deep blue eyes, rimmed with long lashes and his sweet little dimples…

I felt Elijah coming to us for so long before we had him. When I was pregnant I had a dream of a dark-haired, blue-eyed baby who looked at me and told me that his name was Elijah. I told Steve that if, when he was born, he was indeed the baby of my dream, then we had to use the name. Elijah- Hebrew- ‘The lord is my god’ or ‘Faithful to God’. We named him Elijah Rain. Iain choose Rain and it fit, for so many reasons. When he was born, I had never met another Elijah, but the name seems to be getting quite popular lately.

Eggs- Green ones. I think they are so pretty! Really, I want to, like, decorate with them or something… yes, I know I’m weird.


2 thoughts on “E is for Elijah and Eggs

  1. cypress

    Yep, that’s one beautiful little chook there! I don’t think I know any Elijahs myself, come to think of it…still a pretty uncommon name for a unique little boy.
    Are the green eggs you’re talking about Auracana eggs (or Americanas)?

  2. Melody

    Yes, Auracanas :) Our neighbor keeps them. I had honestly never seen anything other then a white or brown egg before moving to the country. Who knew eggs could be so pretty??

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