Week in the Life Saturday- in words

And not many of them.  Another snow storm on a very dark, grey day.  The boys worked in the morning.  Their boss described them as “whirlwinds” and said that she might have to nail their feet to the floor to get them to take a rest from time to time.  Elijah had a riding lesson in the afternoon.  Otherwise the day seemed like a lot of nothingness.  Steve’s trip to the hardware store was rescheduled in consideration of the forecast.  The kids played in the snow a bit.  I sewed, but only a little.  There were a lot of card games and many rounds of ping pong.  I kept trying to convince myself to go and take some pictures, then I would think how silly that was, as I had no desire to.  Why force it?  These few pictures of the garden from late, late in the afternoon are the only ones I took all day.  I abandoned my dinner plans in favor of comfort food; creamed spinach topped with fried eggs.


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