Week in the Life Thursday

Snow day.  Irish dance was cancelled, the daddy worked from home.  We made moon charts and valentines.  Rosebud walked around singing “Oh My Darling, Clementine”.

Coffee filter hats (leftover from crafting) became all the rage late in the day.

Current bedtime favorites for Màiri Rose:

The Apple Pip Princess and The Dollhouse Fairy, both by Jane Ray.  “Favorite Things” and “Winter Wonderland” for songs.

For Galen:

Steve is reading him The King of Ireland’s Son, but I don’t think it’s quite made “favorite” status yet.  For songs he exclusively requests tunes that he can accompany on the ukelele.


8 thoughts on “Week in the Life Thursday

  1. nancy robbins

    I love the moon calendar, Melody! I am amazed at how you are able to keep up with everything right now!

    is this your own creation?


  2. Melody Post author

    Nancy! Oh my dear friend, how I would love an afternoon of just sitting around chatting with you!

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I’m keeping up with everything, but trying my best to keep life moving along productively. The moon calendar is actually a lesson from one of the Earthschooling Astronomy blocks. They are to observe the moon every night and try to figure out which month and what days of the Islamic lunar calendar it corresponds with. Though the idea to do it in gold and silver pens on a blue background came from somewhere else.

  3. Taisa

    I love these week in the life posts! I almost printed those same valentines, but didn’t get to it, so red paper had to suffice. Yours look wonderfully glittery!

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