Week in the Life: Monday

I know it looks like a weird way of cleaning out the fridge, but it’s actually math.  Please ignore the boxes in the background.  I’ve been sorting baby clothes.

Decidedly not school work.  These books are kind of the bane of my existence, but I suppose if it’s the worst they get interested in…

I set up a fun photo shoot to do with Màiri (I’ll share some pictures soon).  It was the kind of thing that takes a rather silly person to even think of trying and a completely ridiculous one to attempt it without another adult on hand to help out.  But they certainly had fun.

They came home from our excursion yesterday with clay.  This is Mossy the Gnome.  Apparently he’s not a morning person either because he looked much happier later in the day.  He gained a great many accessories as well.

Plantain crackers with all sorts of seasoning for a snack.

Dance night for the two of them.

The smell of broth simmering all day, followed by cauliflower soup for dinner.

A bit of top secret sewing for the birthday boy.


4 thoughts on “Week in the Life: Monday

  1. Carol Urban

    It’s wonderful how he loves dance as much as she does. My granddaughter (age 6 1/2) will not let me do her hair before dance class. While Mairi’s hair looks perfect I’m afraid Jassmine’s usually does not. Dance photos are set for next week. I’m hoping she will let me do her hair in a bun for photos because it’s a requirement at her school.

    Right now cauliflower soup sounds really lovely.

    P.S. The first gift my husband ever gave me was a Calvin and Hobbes book. :)

  2. Melody Post author

    They have to have their hair pulled back away from their face for class. I got her a bunch of “hair pretties” for her birthday to encourage her to let me keep her hair nice. She likes picking them out to go with various outfits and requests all different hairstyles now. It’s fun for us both ;)

    The soup was lovely. Even better reheated today actually. It had artichokes in it too. I really like artichokes.

    Yes, but I’m guessing that after reading it you didn’t start channeling Calvin and speaking to your mother that way! Which is really my only issue with them. One of them can read and enjoy and keep it to himself. That is perfectly fine. The other one seems to need to live it out. Much less pleasant for me!

  3. Heather

    my 6 year old has very long hair, which gets braided (“Laura [Ingalls] style”) every. single. day. You’re inspiring me to try some new dos. Mind if I ask what math you’re using? Looking forward to the photo shoot pics!

  4. Melody Post author

    Well, that’s exactly how we did her hair yesterday (Laura Ingalls style), so my next post won’t be terribly inspiring! ;)

    Of course I don’t mind at all. We really like the “Key To” math series. We’ve been using them for the older boys for years now. We’ve done fractions, measurements, decimals, percents, algebra and geometry (still working our way through those last two series) that way. They are both inexpensive and well written. They build well on each other and from skill to skill within the book. They also incorporate hands-on experiences so it’s not all just theory, but related to real life.

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