The felted matryoshkas that I made Màiri several years ago are suddenly a great favorite again.  We’ve been felting every day, usually while dinner cooks.  They keep asking to do a bit more and I don’t see any reason not to.  The booties are the “Pom-Pom Booties” from Vintage Knits for Modern Babies, made with the leftover yarn from Steve’s hat.  They are so tiny that the pom-poms are almost as big as the feet!

I finished Galen’s birthday sweater and am glad to be able to devote all of my knitting time to baby things.  Though I have to admit, over the last couple of days my head has been turned by the idea of making a new cardigan for myself.  Something very basic and very wearable.  The Annabel Cardigan comes to mind.  And look, I could make one for the baby too!  But I do not have yarn for such an undertaking and I have plenty of other things to be working on, so it’s more a daydream then anything else.


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