04/52- sort of

Sunrise by Iain

Everyone is sick and cranky and not very interested in having their picture taken.  Truth be told I’m not all that interested in doing the taking at the moment either.  Maybe later in the week.  Maybe not.  This evening the kids and I were all sitting together at the table, working on a wet felting project, just as a calm and quiet way to pass the time.  I thought about calling Steve over and asking him to take a picture and to see if he could get my belly and all of the children in one frame so I had something to show for the week.  Just the thinking about it seemed exhausting and I immediately put it out of mind.  No thank you.  Not worth it.  Some other time.

Sweet Màiri Rose has become very interested in the birds that come to our feeders.  When she’s too feverish and ill to do anything else, she either asks to lay in my lap or sit by the window to watch the birds.  Lately she’s taken to slowly paging through bird books as well, pointing out all the ones she knows.  When she lays in my lap she talks in a quiet, quiet, whispery voice to the baby.  It’s a girl she says.  The baby told her so.  And she addresses my belly by name.  Even though we haven’t all exactly agreed on a name either way.  She has decided.  And it’s always hello “baby …..”.  Which should be interesting if the baby does turn out to be a boy.  I’ve asked her about that and she basically says that is fine too, brothers and boys are lovely, but our baby is a girl.  Silly mommy.

The Little One was laughingly deemed a rascal by one of my midwives this week.  The lengths this one will go to to avoid the fetoscope!  Such antics!  The kids were with us and at one point we were all laughing hysterically watching my belly undulate as the Little One tried to duck and weave his/herself away.  When all else fails the babe takes to kicking and swatting directly at it.  I don’t think we’ve had an appointment yet where the midwife hasn’t been reduced to helpless laughter by the ridiculousness of not being able to get a heartbeat on a clearly active and healthy baby because it simply won’t stay still long enough!


One thought on “04/52- sort of

  1. Taisa

    I hope you are all feeling better! I love the image of Mairi Rose talking so sweetly to the baby- my boys were so super sure we were having a girl too, so she might be on to something! Either way, sounds like it’ll be a healthy, active little love who is going to keep you on your toes! So happy for you Melody. xoxo

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