a birthday dress and sweater

Why yes, she does dance the entire time I’m trying to take her picture.  And yes, it does make it hard to get a shot that’s in focus.

On her birthday, Little Rosebud came out of the bath to find a chair with a new dress hanging on it and a couple of packages.  One containing this year’s birthday sweater and one with a new “hair pretty”; her term for all manner of barrettes, headbands, hair ties, etc.

I made up the dress pattern as I went along.  The neckline turned out a little lower then I meant for it to (it sometimes gets tricky when you can’t check measurements without ruining the surprise!), but otherwise I think it turned out well.  Twice in the last couple of weeks now Steve and I have had the same conversation, after the kids have gone to bed, both with her nightgown and this dress.  Holding it up and shaking our heads over how it looks awfully long, me saying that I was pretty sure my calculations were right, but it just didn’t seem like they could be.  Only to find each time it was a perfect fit.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they fit.  But, uhm, wow.  Just wow.

The sweater is the ever so sweet Little Ancolie.  It is such a beautiful pattern.  The yarn is Cascade 220 Sport, colorway: “Ginseng”.  I had to get a bit creative with the buttons.  She is forever talking about her 2nd birthday sweater, with the heart buttons and how she wishes it still fit.  I wanted to use the last of those buttons for this year’s sweater.  But alas I only had two and the sweater really needed four.  I think my solution worked out alright?


3 thoughts on “a birthday dress and sweater

  1. Heather

    The third photo from the bottom – she looks sooooo much like you! I mean she does anyway – but that expression is totally you :)

    I love the sweater. It’s gorgeous. I think the buttons worked out very well, and I love the colour :)

  2. MamaAshGrove

    Oooh, Melody, is she really this big now? I have been reading here a long time, as you know- and I remember you announcing that you had a baby girl. How fast time flies.
    The length thing happens to me with my kids- esp. my youngest. The last two times I made him pants, I was certain the legs were too long. They looked ridiculous to me, how could he have limbs this long? He’s just a baby! I’d think. . . but the length was perfect.
    I remember when my girl was 4 and 5. She did ballet poses every time I’d take her photo as well.
    Your little Rosebud is growing up so, so beautiful. I’ll bet your heart nearly bursts at times!

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