A portrait of my children, once a week, every week.

Iain: 14 tomorrow

Elijah: braver then I.  They decided that this week of record low temperatures was the perfect time to get the skating rink in working order.

Galen: is all about the party planning at the moment

Màiri Rose: 5 tomorrow

the little one: Officially completely out of up and down room.  Quite a lot of “pop” in the front all of the sudden.


4 thoughts on “1/52

  1. toi

    My husband abandoned the idea of building an ice rink due to the low temperature too. Love all the pictures, especially the one of your daughter on the balance board

  2. sara

    good times! we’ve experienced some bitter cold temps here too.
    love that balance board, and all those wooden toys, really!
    gorgeous names for your children.
    stopping by from the 52project link-up

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