Waldorf at Home: Nature Journals

Our Solstice treats were a big hit, especially the log feeder.  We’ve kept nature journals for many years now.  In them we have recorded everything from temperature and weather conditions to the life cycle of a butterfly.  Lately I’ve been admiring the beautiful work of Melanie’s children.  I’m completely charmed by her idea of journal pages associated with different holidays.  We decided to do a page the day after Christmas of all of the animals we’ve seen come to partake of our treats.  On New Year’s day, mourning doves appeared on our porch and we made a page for them as well.  Above is a small sample, by children of various ages and stages.  Mairi’s little chickadee at the bottom there is one of my favorite things ever.  I think these pages will be so much fun to look at these pages in years to come.  And to think, if we had started this tradition earilier, I would actually have a definitive answer to the question of when the redpolls and grosbeaks arrived at our feeder last year.


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