Ruffles and all

Lately my tastes have been so girly. It’s kind of funny. I’m thinking it must be some kind unconscious rebellion after too many years spent living in Steve’s old flannel shirts! Actually, I’ve always had a soft spot for feminine, romantic looking things. It’s just that honoring that aspect of myself isn’t often a high priority. It’s ever-so-much easier to just wear whatever finds it’s way to me (it’s not just Steve, friend and family often supply me with their cast offs as well), without worrying too much about whether it’s pretty or not. I’ve found that I’m at something of a lose for summer clothes this year, so while I work to remedy the matter, I figure I may as well go in for a bit of frilly indulgence…

I bought this gauzy fabric with stripes of eyelet with the intention of fashioning a sarong to wear over my bathing suit. I bought it cheap from a woman who was clearing out her fabric stash. Upon closer inspection, I really didn’t like the color with my bathing suit after-all. Since I am in need of warm weather wear, I decided to turn it into a sun dress instead. I started off with a basic style in mind and just went from there. I’m happy to report that this simple little dress did indeed turn out as I had planned and quickly at that!

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