christmas pajamas and other things

Waiting for the phone to ring for the annual reading of T’was the Night Before Christmas with Pop-pop.  The waiting is so hard.

But then…

Little squishy wax people are a specialty of Màiri and Galen’s.

I found a hand-carved crochet hook and some knitting needles in my stocking.  Only in this house!

Iain and Elijah made the little ones some cool bath toys.  (instructions here)

I had five kids up at 3:30 in the morning on Christmas day (5!), though I’m pretty sure I was the only one being kept up by the littlest.  Thankfully I was able to convince them to go back to sleep for another couple hours at least.

I’m still bored with the usual red and green Christmas pajamas.  I went with robin’s egg blue instead.  The boys were made from the same old (now out of print I believe) Kwik Sew long john pattern that I’ve made at least 20 times now.  It required quite a bit of altering for Iain who outgrew that pattern long ago.  Elijah’s in the largest size now.  Finding sewing patterns for pre-teen/teenage boys is not easy.  Màiri’s leggings were made by tracing another pair to use as the pattern.  Her nightie is Kwik Sew 3105, view A, modified for length and without the bottom edge ruffle.  The bonnet is the Angry Chicken one, only with no brim and a chin strap and button instead of ribbon tie.  The stretch fabric made it lay a little funny in the front.

Back in November the Wee Girl asked if I has started making the Christmas pajamas yet.  When I replied that I had picked out the fabric, but hadn’t started sewing yet, she told me that I better get to it because Christmas was actually really quite soon.  Then she proceeded to inform me that she required a new nightgown, since she had grown out of her one from last year, and a new sleep cap and something for her legs “like the boys get”.  Yup, that’s my low maintenance girl.

Iain and Elijah seem to have appointed themselves as heads of the holiday cheer committee.  Despite the fact that they are well past the doll play stage, all of the dolls find their way back out and get dressed up for the occasion and special decorations show up for all of the toy people.  All to make things festive for the little ones or maybe to pretend, just for a day or two that they are little ones again?  It’s very sweet.


8 thoughts on “christmas pajamas and other things

  1. Janet

    Sweet times together. Thank you for sharing a few pictures of your time at Christmas with us! Your tree is massive and beautiful-it would probably take up most of my Living Room LOL. How special to have Pop Pop reading to the children, a memory soon not forgotten for them or you, precious indeed! Homemade pjs- lovely, just lovely. When can I move in? LOL Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

  2. renee~heirloomseasons

    Oh yes, I was immediately struck by the extreme sweetness of dolls and children all cuddled upon bed!!!
    Love the robin egg blue pajamas! I think it best that I never started the new pajamas at christmas tradition. It’s enough trying to get solstice dresses done! (And they did not get done this year!) Chloe sewed herself a new nightgown last month anyhow…
    Around here we have beeswax people and a billion beeswax horses (or maybe just a couple hundred…)
    I don’t think hand-carved hooks and needles would be unheard of in this house. I doubt anyone will ever carve a baseball bat though! I’m still impressed by that one!
    Ok, I think that’s all for now. I will write soon about the food stuff, except I’m afraid it will turn into a sewing email…
    Hope you after christmas days have been full of happy peace!
    Renee <3

  3. Melody Post author

    Now I’m in the midst of the birthday rush, we don’t get peaceful until around the 6th or so, depending on when extended family decides to come and stay any particular year. But it’s still good, just not relaxing and quiet!

  4. MamaAshGrove

    Oh my heavens. I love the big boys holding dolls- my big boy can be found cuddled up with his to go to sleep. :) And speaking of dolls. . . weren’t you making one for Galen?
    I loooove the blue pajamas, and I’[m pretty sure that kwik sew pattern is the one I have made for years and years. It’s a good one, and easy to alter (I have added many inches to the length).
    It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! I have to now go back over this post and look at everything again.
    PS I can’t believe how much Mairi looks like Iain to me! Esp. in the photo with her hugging her dolly.

  5. Melody Post author

    I did make Galen his doll and yes, one for Mairi too, even though that wasn’t the plan! Pictures will be coming soon. It was just too much to post all in one day.

    Yes, Iain and Mairi look so much alike. Only he has blue eyes and hers are hazel. I think it’s so funny that my two that share a birthday also have such a similar look and such similar personalities!

  6. Taisa

    You guys do such a terrific job of celebrating the season and each other. It is a beautiful thing! I love it all- the blue pjs, the miles of finger knitting, the sweet squishy beeswax creations, the hand carved tools, the bath toys, the cutie cutie pies! Hugs to all of you! Taisa

  7. Robbie

    I love the close up shot of Mairi and her baby! She is so pretty (and sounds like she is very low maintenance!! Haha!) All your pictures look like you had a truly wonderful holiday. Love the kids all snuggled up in bed listening to Pop Pop….truly a memory they will always cherish

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