4 thoughts on “38/52

  1. MamaAshGrove

    WOW. I really felt all along that E. looks like you, but I had no idea he was a duplicate! At first I wondered why his hair was so long and dark in that photo. :)
    My 9 year old Winter boy looks a lot like me.
    We love Little Bear too! While they have had the chicken pox, they’ve watched some of the episodes too, which are actually very sweet with pretty music. :)

  2. Melody Post author

    My mom even said she didn’t realize how much he looked like me until she saw that. Funny that my daughter looks nothing like me!

    I’ve heard that about the little bear movies. I’ll have to keep that in mind for the next time my littles are sick.

  3. Taisa

    I just love all these pictures! (I’m thinking I need to join in the portrait challenge…) Mairi’s pose is so adorable! And that boy of yours sure does look like you! We love little bear too. The movies are favorite sick-time ones in this house too.

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