Weekend in Maine

Some designs come to me in dreams that are hurriedly sketched in the morning.  For some, such as Elijah’s cardigan, I start off with a set goal.  In that case to design a classic, baseball inspired cardigan with certain elements, like color work, contrast trim and a v-neck.  Sometimes I’ll turn a design over in my mind for years, randomly sketching out the options, knitting and re-knitting it time and again in my mind.  And sometimes I just pick up needles and yarn and start knitting with no earthly clue where it’s headed.  Such was the case with this little caplet.

With the frenzy of getting ready for our vow renewal, I never got around to what is normally my very first packing step; making sure I have all the supplies needed for a trip appropriate knitting project.  I’m hardcore about situationally appropriate knitting.  There is a right and a wrong kind of knitting for almost every situation.  You don’t knit delicate lace or a huge blanket in the car.  This is the wrong way to knit.  You do knit hats, anything that has a lot of stockinette stitch done in the round, nothing too fiddly or cumbersome.  This is the right way to knit.  And always, always, always plan ahead.  Who wants to run out of yarn midway through a trip or movie?!?!?  Not I.

You can imagine my consternation when I had no set project for this trip.  I grabbed two skeins of yarn I’ve had kicking around with no particular project intended, they were a gift that I hadn’t quite figured out what to do with just yet, appropriately sized needles and a stitch dictionary.  I overlooked the need for a measuring tape.  Luckily my powers of estimation extend far beyond what I ever would have thought.  Or it was a total fluke that I could never again replicate.  Either way.

The yarn itself sort of determined the type of project.  I only had the two skeins, so it couldn’t be anything too big.  The yarn is a Malabrigo kettle dyed merino in the color ‘Paris Night’, a much more luxurious yarn then I would usually buy myself, as such I wanted to use as much of it as possible!  Sweater- too big, hat- too small, scarf- too boring….

I found a stitch pattern that looked like fun to work, starting playing with it, changed directions a few times along the way and ultimately ended up with this sweet little caplet here with a black velvet ribbon closure.

Details on the pattern can be found here.  It’s going out to test knitters later this week.  I’m looking for a couple of additional people to test knit.  If you are interested, you can leave a comment here or email me at melody@littlehomeblessings.com.


2 thoughts on “Weekend in Maine

  1. Jenn

    Absolutely gorgeous! I would love to test knit this as simple and easy are a necessity at the moment, but I wouldn’t be able to do much knitting on it till October.

  2. christina

    Really pretty! Great job! I crochet and I almost completed a blanket in the car from Florida to Texas. My mom knits but I haven’t really caught on to that. Tried to teach my daughter to crochet but we will keep trying. Great work!

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