A Blessed and Happy Equinox to all!!!!

Spring is here! I can say it, now that I’m standing firmly on this side of winter. I’m averting my eyes from all of the snow and trying to ignore the single digit on the thermometer this morning, in favor of dreaming of fresh nettles, dragonflies and gardens. I’m thinking of all the bulbs Elijah helped me to plant in the fall and hoping that they made it through and that we will be seeing them soon. And on that note, I believe that the first day of spring deserves a new label for my blog: Gardens. Mmmm, gardens, gardens, gardens….it’s silly I know, but I am truly rather giddy at the thought!

Today, I will be serving up the first bunch of asparagus we’ve seen this year, we’ll brave the crunchy snow yet again to clip some forsythia for forcing, and we just might make some little painted foot bunnies to hang (more of this later).

I’ve had several requests to start sharing some more “how to” information on everything from homeschooling to natural building to cooking. In the coming season I plan on making more of an effort to post details and ideas to inspire others and I hope that you will all leave me comments and links doing the same!

Blessings to all and I hope that warm sunshine follows you wherever you go today!


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