simple cookery: braised greens

This way of cooking greens was taught to me by an old friend, who I believe learned it from her grandmother.  I think she had an actual recipe, which I just kind of took the gist of and went from there.  This is very much a favorite with the kids in my house.  I’ve had people at potlucks beg me for the recipe.  And I’ve laughed at their astonished faces when I explained how very, very quick and simple it truly is.

Start with a large cast iron pan (or the pan of your choice).  Add a spoonful of coconut oil, a bit of salt and a sliced onion.  Cook until the onion starts to brown.  Fill the rest of the pan with any kind of hardy cooking greens.  Toss them with the onions and oil to coat.  Add around 1/2 C of water and a big handful of raisins.  Cover and cook until the greens a wilted and the raisins are slightly pump.  Add more salt and pepper if needed/desired.

Variation: replace the raisins with chopped dried apricots.  Apricots and collard greens in particular are amazing!


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  1. Melody Post author

    On this particular day it was three different kinds of kale from the garden, but I make it with all kinds of things; Brussels sprout greens (not the sprouts themselves, but the leafy greens that grow first), collards, various Asian greens, sometimes a bit of chard, whatever I have around really.

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