(photo by Elijah)

(Galen photos by Steve)

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week.


Iain: barefoot and fishin’

Elijah: sheer joy

Galen: First official fishing trip ever- I couldn’t pick just one

Màiri Rose: She needed a whole series this week!  Since seeing some gymnasts perform a couple of weeks ago, she’s decided she can do cartwheels.  Sometimes gravity kind of agrees and sometimes not.


2 thoughts on “25/52

  1. Carol Urban

    Iain is growing so tall like his dad! Elijah looks so happy with the horse. Is he still taking riding lessons? Did Galen catch any fish? Is Mairi Rose taking dance classes again this year? I’m trying to decide which classes to put Jassie into. She did acro, tap and ballet but it was so expensive. I’d like to go with one class this year. Although I did get a lot of knitting done while at her dance classes. :)

  2. Melody Post author

    Iain is a mini-Steve, he has the exact same build.

    Elijah is still taking lessons, though not as often as he would like, he would live at the stable if he could.

    Galen caught (and threw back) several sunnies, nothing exciting.

    Mairi didn’t take dance lessons this year, but we’ve told her she can start in the autumn. She’ll be taking creative movement. Galen took a dance sampler class which was a combination of jazz, tap and ballet. Next year I think he’s going to take pre-ballet. There is a lot of pressure to have them do several classes because each helps to build on the other, but I think that it’s just too much for us schedule and budget wise.

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